Complete Hat Renovation

A complete renovation consists of cleaning and blocking the hat as well as adding a new liner, a new sweat band, and a new ribbon or hat band. We can also re-crease if you wish. If desired, we will do our best to match the crease as it was when we first received the hat.
It takes from 4 to 6 weeks to renovate a hat. Hats that have holes in the crown, cracked brims, or are flimsy, usually do not clean as well. They will however still make good work hats. We can patch and reverse as well. Please do not expect miracles. We can only do as good as the material we are working with allows.
If the price of the hat renovation is not paid for in advance, or sent with the dirty hat, all hats will be returned completed, but with a C.O.D. charge.
Call us for pricing and shipping information.
Thank you for your interest. For further information please contact us.